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About Us / Our Aim

Tribal Rhino is a family run business that was founded out of a passion for exercise, physical well being and with one specific goal in mind, to change your physical and mental well being whoever you are and whatever your ability.

We believe you should never stop striving to improve yourself and should always set your next realistic target slightly higher than your last without it being too daunting. To do this successfully you need good, reliable equipment that will look and feel exactly the same whether you’re using it once a week or seven days a week month after month, so we’ve teamed up with Kettlebells USA to bring to you the very best kettlebells on the market at realistic prices along with a top quality service.

To us, being fit isn’t about going through the motions or looking and feeling the same after 3 months of moderate pain, its about dedication, commitment, sweat and a willingness to push that little bit harder when you just can’t be bothered. Basically it’s a way of life and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Tribal Rhino are sole European distributors for Kettlebell USA products.

Alex Nicholas – Founder/Managing Director.

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